Why Bonaire?

Aruba, Bonaire & Curaçao, also known as the ABC islands…

The ‘Leeward’ part of the Dutch West Indies. Pick out the quietest of the three and you will be sure to find it a second home!

Unlike most other Caribbean islands, Bonaire can be described best as a ‘laidback’ island. No fuss or fancy, plain & basic! An ideal spot if you like to take a break from the hurried life of the northern hemisphere. Do not look for large luxury hotels, fashionable shopping malls, large developed stretches of beach, sparkling nightlife etc. Bonaire is: enjoying a barbeque at sunset on the beach, doing a hiking trail through the rough, diving or snorkelling in clear blue waters, enjoying a sailing trip to one of the islands nearby…

Bonaire offers a nice Caribbean climate with a yearly average temperature of round about 30°C (85F). The coolest month is January, the warmest is September– however, overall, there is relatively little difference between the seasons. The sea temperature varies from 26°C (80F) to 29°C (84F).

As already mentioned, Bonaire stands for nature…. Unspoilt rough country side, a natural coastline but foremost Bonaire is known for its astonishing underwater nature, its pristine coral reefs and abundant sea life!

For more general information on Bonaire as a destination, you may want to consult: www.infobonaire.com. And for news on what’s happening, visit www.bonaireinsider.com.

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